Conquering Adult Breakouts: Key Steps to Clearer Skin!

Jan 10, 2024

I cannot stress enough how important this distinction is: acne has little to do with hygiene!

Women and Men that struggle with acne are some of the most hypervigilant when it comes to self-care and cleanliness.

Let’s please put this antiquated stigma to rest once and for all. If you are a mom with a teen that is experiencing their first breakout, this point is also really helpful for you to know. Dealing with acne can be emotionally taxing enough without the false judgments marketing campaigns use to sell their products.

Consider this – There are many women that can go to sleep forgetting to wash off their makeup and they do not break out the next morning. There are also many men and women with acne that do not have hormonal imbalances.

Acne Truths

Here’s the truth. Acne is bacterial in nature. This is why the first response from medical professionals is prescribed antibiotics. If you consult your physician or a dermatologist, it is extremely common to be given both topicals and internal antibiotics. We know from Anthony that strep is what causes acne. More specifically, those with acne also have an accumulation of antibiotic-resistant strains of strep. Antibiotics can actually worsen the issue over time. (We have included a helpful post from Anthony, Medical Medium at the bottom of this email for you.)

Here’s the other truth. You can absolutely manage acne really well with topical products such as Tretinoin (a very popular topical Retinol treatment that is having a moment) and other acne-treating serums, but this will only mask the issue. You might experience relief from inflamed acne spots, most definitely, but as soon as you take out the products and diligent skincare routine the acne will still be there. Furthermore, these same harsh products directly contribute to your liver load which feeds the very symptom you are trying to solve. They can also stop being effective over time.

Here’s What You Can Do To Rid Yourself Of Acne:

Adopt a Cleansing Diet

  • The keyword is cleansing. For acne specifically, you can see such improvement right away as you remove eggs, soy, and dairy products from the diet. Most dermatologists will actually instruct their clients to remove these foods as well. Keeping out the “no foods” is the first step towards lowering your strep load. Bringing in an abundance of fruits and vegetables is cleansing to the liver and lymphatic system (where strep resides).

Lower your Fat Intake or Go Completely Fat-Free for a Period of Time

  • If you are already on a cleansing diet and feel your skin is not at all improving and you are in a position to lower your fat intake or go completely fat-free, try this tool. Up your calories when you remove fats from clean carbohydrates like potatoes, squash, raw honey, and fruits to make up for lost calories. This is helpful as it gives your liver a break, helps with thick blood, and allows for the lymphatic system to catch up.

Remove Grains and or Legumes

  • Yes, as you work on healing acne you might very much benefit from removing grains and legumes. Why? It takes more work for the liver to break down and if your liver is already sluggish with producing bile, these foods can be harder for you to digest. This can improve over time with daily celery juice. This step isn’t needed for everyone and we recommend doing one thing at a time. Start with bringing in more fruits and vegetables, then remove the no foods, and so on.


  • Rebounding moves the lymphatic system which is critical. We know that acne is caused by strep in the lymphatic system. If you are new to rebounding try 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes per day.

Key Foods That Help Get Rid Of Acne:

  • Strawberries (top of the list!), leafy greens, lemon water, celery juice, papaya, wild blueberries, garlic, and turmeric are all amazing acne-fighting powerhouses.

Consume 1 cup of strawberries and at least 1/2 pound of leafy greens per day to really start to move that lymph.Enjoy a smoothie mixed with strawberries, spinach, bananas, and coconut water, or any blend you prefer keeping in mind these tools.

Need Guidance on your Acne Healing Journey?

You can get rid of strep bacteria and knock down your strep levels for good. Did you know this? Bacterial loads are different from viral loads. If you are struggling with skin issues and your confidence, please join me inside Empowered Reset next Monday. January 15th!  Let’s work on providing you with the skin healing tools you need to get rid of this symptom once and for all. You can heal from acne at any age.

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